PT360 Physical Therapy


"I have been receiving treatment at PT 360 for an arthritic neck condition for three weeks (7-9 visits). I am totally impressed with the results and the therapy I have received. The procedures and exercises the therapists have done are most helpful. I believe by carrying out this practice by following the routine exercises, they will enhance the healing process. The shots I received at other doctor’s offices to relieve my neck pain was only a temporary fix to the problem, and it was also a great expense. I would solidly recommend this office for physical therapy."

“I have struggled with fibromyalgia for 5 years. Much of my pain is in my neck and shoulders, but I was starting to have bad headaches quite regularly, and was looking for a treatment plan without new drugs. I saw my chiropractor, who recommended PT 360. After one visit, I was quite impressed with their different approach to physical therapy. We actually started working on my calves and lower extremities and my neck muscles were releasing from doing that! As I told my family about how PT 360 was treating me, they said it was crazy! And, I laughed as well, but I said ‘All I know is its working!’ After each visit, I would notice that I was having less and less headaches and my neck and shoulder pain was reducing quite a bit. I was getting stronger and stronger. After 9 visits, I was ready to be released! I would recommend PT 360 to anyone who wants to see quick results with a new approach to physical therapy.”

“I have been dealing with hip, back, and neck pain for 15 years. I have been to physical therapy multiple times and have never been ‘fixed’ or figured out what the problem is/was. After my treatment at PT 360, I am finally fixed! I also know what things to do to prevent these pains from coming back. PT 360’s approach to my problems was not the norm that I’d experienced, but I feel 100% better.”

"After over 20 years of chronic pain in the right side of my neck and shoulder, with only temporary relief from chiropractors, I started physical therapy at PT 360. Dave showed me easy, specific exercises and stretches that I could do at home and even at my desk at work. Within a few weeks my pain decreased immensely. After a few more weeks, my pain was even less. I've stopped going to the chiropractor and now have the tools and knowledge to alleviate my pain."