PT360 Physical Therapy


"After experiencing long-term leg cramps and throbbing, as well as knee pain, it was suggested to me that I visit the physical therapists at PT 360.  I cannot begin to express the gratitude and peace of mind I now have, with the therapist's care and expertise. Not knowing where to get the help I needed, I originally sought the assistance of my physician, massage therapist, chiropractor, as well as the internet to even try to treat myself!   I am so thankful to have finally found the help I needed to relieve my discomfort and get a good night's rest again!  The entire PT 360 staff is dedicated, hard-working, knowledgeable, and sincere.  The time has come where I can follow-up at home with the confidence needed to get results and to trouble-shoot any issue that may creep up again in the future.  Thank-you, PT 360, for your time, care, confidence, and commitment!  I was absolutely forlorn about ever getting better, was determined to NOT haphazardly get surgery or more shots, and felt that I finally ended up the hands of the professional that could (and would) help me feel "whole" again!"

"I am a 58 year old woman who was used to leading an active life (walking, biking, kayaking), until 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and an inflammatory subset of osteoarthritis. In seven years' time I had six major surgeries. The surgeries relieved the intense nerve pain and restored some of my mobility but I continued to have difficulty walking; it felt like my muscles just weren't working. I was referred to traditional PT but saw no improvement; and no one seemed to understand the problem. My mobility was becoming more and more restricted, I could no longer walk "normally" and could only make it about 50 feet before I had to sit down and rest.
I thought I may need to accept that this was how my life was going to be, then a friend recommended I try PT at PT360, and boy am I glad I did! After the very first session I knew there was hope and that things could be different! PT360 takes a holistic approach and are extremely knowledgeable. It was explained to me how certain muscles were "turned off" and not working properly. A plan was developed for me that included one on one therapy services in the office and exercises for me to do at home. I saw immediate results! After some hard work on both our parts, my legs are working properly! I am walking normally, gardening, playing with my active grandson, and I'm even kayaking again! I am so grateful that I found PT360! It has changed my life! If you are looking for PT services, I wholeheartedly recommend PT360 and the MRT model they use!"

"I first came to PT 360 through a referral from a friend who raved about her treatment. After surgery to repair a torn meniscus, my knee swelled to the size of a grapefruit and remained that way until I began physical therapy. The first visit's treatment consisted of deep tissue release and my swelling significantly lessened, and then I knew I was on to something. Following the regimen of stretching, release, and strengthening brought healing and relief in leaps and bounds. The best part of my story though, has been the success of what makes PT 360 unique in their physical therapy approach. By treating the whole body and identifying weak muscle patterns, my underlying issues and weakness and insufficient functioning of my legs and feet, brought on by a lifetime of structured orthotics for flat feet and Forest Gump style leg braces as a child, left me with chronic pain and drastically limited my activity. I've been to countless physicians and specialists who have not been able to prescribe a "fix" for my condition. Re-activating atrophied muscle groups has brought healing and balance to my body in a way that was desperately needed. Walking/standing barefoot was painful and impossible, and now I am most comfortable barefoot! While I am on my way to complete healing of my knee, the unexpected twist of restoration and function to my injured legs/feet has been nothing short of astonishing. Actually I think I used the term life-changing because that is exactly what this has been for me. PT 360 is passionate about healing, educating, and equipping. I love sharing my story and name dropping PT 360- it works!"

"I did not realize how much I was lacking in my physical therapy until I came to PT 360. The quality of care that I received was on a level I did not even know existed. My physical therapy was customized to my physical needs based on my progress and personal strengths. Nothing was ever rushed and I always felt welcome and important while I was there. The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable in patient care and needs. The most important aspect of my experience at PT 360 was all the explanations that were given to me about the therapy I was instructed to do. At the end of my time at PT 360, I was confident in my recovery and left with a great understanding about what I needed to continue in my life to prevent injury and better my active lifestyle."

"For five years following an ACL rupture, I avoided both surgery and physical therapy. With concerns for its longevity, I finally decided to have a graft put in. Just before the surgery, I was referred to PT 360 by a friend, so I arranged all my post-op rehabilitation with them.

During my first appointment with Dave, I realized the mistake of avoiding treatment for my knee as he began to reactivate my muscles that had been atrophied from the injury. I was amazed over the next few days to see my swelling disappear and to feel my leg strengthening and supporting my knee. My surgery was January 13th and I was discharged from physical therapy on May 3rd. I have regained full range of motion, returned to cycling, and began a running program 4 weeks ago. Sometimes it's difficult to remember my knee was operated on so recently. PT 360 did a great job of targeting the areas that needed to be worked on and keeping my honest in doing my portion of the work. They are personable and professional, and I highly recommend them for anyone suffering with knee pain or weakness."

"I am a senior that has been active in sports all my life. I have been treated over the years by many different PT clinics. PT 360 is so much more beneficial with their hands-on treatment and excellent explanations of how to help yourself. In 2011, I ended up with problems in both knees. The right knee reactivated and is now pain free. The left one we are currently working on. It has been operated on three times about 30 years ago. I have been favoring it all this time and now it was scoped three weeks ago. My goal is to play tennis three times per week again. PT 360 is making that happen! Their clear explanations left no doubt in my mind this is the right place for me. Thank you!

"I want to share my deep gratitude and respect for the physical therapy and overall support that I received from the staff at PT360. I was involved in a bicycle/motor vehicle accident in September 2010 where I received multiple injuries and a badly damaged bike. I came to PT360 time months after my accident because I was frustrated with the pace of my recovery. I had undergone four knee surgeries within five months and I was afraid I might always walk with a limp. I knew from my first call to PT360 where I spoke to Jammie about my accident and painful surgeries that I called the right place. I cannot adequately express how much PT360, especially Dr. Dave Asselin, DPT, did to improve my physical well being as well as my confidence.
I received more than just physical therapy; I received a new way to think about my body and how my muscles affect my movements and strength. I also learned that there is a process to healing from a traumatic injury. Dave taught me how my body's muscles and either work against each other to cause discomfort and weakness, or work along with the other muscle groups to make movement easy and pain free. At PT360, I was taught different techniques and simple tools that I can use to manipulate, massage, and relieve sore muscles with a rolling pin, lacrosse ball, bouncy balls, and a Theracane. Even now, months after ending my therapy, I can reference my exercise folder of notes and pictures of the exercise and stretching techniques that Dave prescribed for my recovery. Dave Asselin, DPT , is also one of the most knowledgeable, personable, and humorous health professionals that I have ever met. Believe me, humor goes a long way when you're hurting! Thank you for everything, Dave! PT360 Physical Therapy is a true asset to our community."

"I am so glad I saw Dave Asselin on TV. I thought it was something that would help my knee. When I first came to PT 360, I limped and my knee was really sore. They have given me exercises and stretches to do which have helped me so much. In no time, my knee was feeling a lot better. I really appreciate all they've done to educate and help me."

"I’m a runner, and I was pretty desperate when I came to see Dave and the staff at PT360 three days before the River Bank Run. My hamstring injury wasn’t healing on its own, and it didn’t seem like I’d be able to run the race. To my great surprise, Dave and Brad were able to get me race ready. Not only that, I ended up with my best River Bank time ever: 1:49.24. These guys know their craft, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other runners or anyone with nagging aches or pains. With their help, and some take-home exercises, my muscles are firing again and I have a better understanding of how they’re supposed to work in unison to keep me injury free.Thanks guys!"

"I can't say enough about PT 360. They truly care about getting you back to your healthy self. The rehab techniques they use are significantly different than other physical therapist. As a runner who gets injured often, PT360 is my "go-to". I have tried many others in Grand Rapids, and no one even come close. In the last couple years I have also lived in Peoria, IL and San Diego, CA and have still not found a better therapist, or one that is comparable. With one recent visit to PT 360, I am feeling 75% better and I'm back to running. 
With whatever you are suffering with, PT 360 will take their time to really figure out what is going on, and where to go from there. What I really appreciate is how they teach you to relieve your pain at home with exercises while you're in therapy, as well as after to help maintain your health."

“I have been an avid runner and long distance cyclist for over 35 years. When pain in my calf and thigh forced me to stop running, I was referred to PT 360 for help. Dave and his team did more than just treat my pain; they took the time to get to the source of my problem which ended up being a back issue. I am again running pain free and now have the tools to keep me running pain free for years to come. I would recommend PT 360 to anyone that is experiencing pain that limits their normal daily activities. I have had physical therapy in the past, but only received treatment for the area that hurt. PT 360 takes the time to find out what is actually causing the pain and treats the source, so the problem is eliminated.”