PT360 Physical Therapy



PT 360 Physical Therapy is awesome. The therapists not only help you recover from an injury, they teach you how to prevent future injuries. I am working out to lose weight, so I put a lot of stress on my feet and legs. In order to continue, I need them (feet and legs) functioning pain-free. PT 360 has helped me understand the pain I was experiencing, and worked with me to relieve the cause of the foot pain, not just the symptoms. Not having pain when I walk will allow me to continue toward my weight loss goals and my goal of running distances; something I never thought possible when I started. If it had not been for PT 360, I would have given up, but now I am on track again and looking forward to another 100lb. loss.”

"My foot and ankle were severely injured a long time ago during a downhill ski race. I had over 20 bone fragments removed from the ankle, plates and screws installed to hold it back in place and three years after, the plates were removed. In May 2009, I severely re-injured the foot/ankle and was diagnosed with a torn plantar tendon and calf muscle. I continued to exercise and do what sports I could with the limited movement and pain while hoping it would heal on its own. Finally, a foot specialist took more X-rays and determined I would need to have extensive surgery on my foot/ankle to rebuild the joint. Recuperation was projected at four months non-weight bearing casted foot, and one month of rehab after. I researched with many people who were deep into sports- golf, bicycling, triathlons, running, etc. The most often mentioned name was Dave Asselin. I visited Dave and he evaluated my situation and suggested a regimen that involved regular visits to lengthen the muscles in my damaged leg, break down the scar tissue in the muscle structure, and work on the non-injured leg which had developed compensatory issues (on a four time surgically repaired knee) and hip alignment issues. My first session was in May, 2010. Dave carefully explained the process he was going to use, went through illustrations of the damaged areas, and discussed the compensation issues I had developed. I was also given a series of "homework exercises" to do on a daily basis to assist in my recovery.

The rehabilitation sessions were extremely helpful in breaking down the scar tissue, lengthening the muscles, re-aligning my lower body and allowing me to walk again without pain. I have recently finished my sessions and I have flexibility in my ankle, can properly weight shift in my golf game, ride my bicycle and do my balancing drills on a BOSU ball again. I am extremely happy with Dave and his staff. They were very professional in their work, very helpful in helping me understand what had happened, why, and what I needed to do to get this situation fixed. I am not bashful in saying here the same thing I have told my friends...Dave is a genius! I made a good choice to take Dave's advice. I would recommend Dave to anyone for anything related to therapy!"

"I was becoming depressed as my peripheral neuropathy appeared to be robbing me of my lifestyle. I had toes that were never warm, that jangled all the time, and for which I took several medications. After three back surgeries, the last fusion with rods and screws, I found myself needing narcotic pain medications to do anything other than sit and sleep. The neuropathy I had been living with for years had migrated from my toes into the balls of my feet, causing me to walk on my heels and to widen my stance in order to keep my balance. I began using a cane to walk outside of my house. I feared that the neuropathy would continue to worsen, leaving me homebound. It was at this low point that I joined the local peripheral neuropathy support group. At one of the meetings, the presenter was Dave Asselin of PT 360. I decided that I would be proactive and seek help. I made an appointment for a free consultation, and could see a difference after that first session. After just a few treatments, Dave's muscle activation techniques got me to the point where the pain disappeared and I had confidence in my ability to walk. There is no cure for peripheral neuropathy, but this form of physical therapy has given me the best outcome after over 12 years of pain management procedures, traditional physical therapy, and medication. I highly recommend trying PT 360; you have nothing to lose but your pain."

"I have been a competitive middle/long distance runner for over a decade now.  Certainly, some part of distance running is dealing with periodic injury, but my last injury had lasted for nearly a year.  While building for my last marathon, I began to have heel pain in my right foot, which became debilitating after I had finished the race.  After taking several months off and moving to Grand Rapids for work, I was introduced to the team at PT 360 Physical Therapy.  I have never met a clinician like Dave.  Like most clinicians, Dave wanted to see me get back on my feet and back to performing at my previous levels.  However, unlike most clinicians, Dave's primary motivation was to educate his patients, which I genuinely appreciated.  He took the time work through anatomy and biomechanics that explained where the pain was coming from, how to treat it and most importantly, how to prevent it from recurring.  The heel pain subsided and fairly quickly with Dave's help.  Unfortunately, I ran myself into another problem, this time with my ankle. Dave and I started from square one, diagnosing potential root causes of the injury and developing a plan to treat it.  This injury proved to be more challenging than either of us had anticipated.  However, Dave's persistence and genuine interest in seeing me run healthy forced him to seek additional resources beyond his current knowledge base.  He was very excited to introduce a new pre-run warm up to me and certain that it would take care of my ankle pain.  Thanks to Dave's persistence and genuine interest in seeing me run again, I will be off to run (pain free) the Boston marathon this April."

"Thank you  PT 360! I've been to many different physical therapists before, but was never given the direction to help myself at home like I was given here. PT 360 helped me understand my foot muscles and how they work with the other muscles in my body. Now I see that all my muscles are supposed to work together as a whole. I had foot problems following bunion and hammer toe surgeries. Now when I feel the pain, I know what to do to relieve it whereas in the past, I would have been in pain for days. Now I am walking better than I have been in over 6 months! Thanks again!"


“I started going to PT 360 one week after they opened for leg and ankle pain. After six weeks of physical therapy, I have been discharged without pain and have exercises to maintain them. I am very happy with the staff; they were all very nice and very helpful. I will recommend PT 360 to anyone who needs physical therapy.”

"I came to PT 360 with a shin splint that caused me to limp during every run and was worse after every meet. Every week coming to PT 360 the limping became less and less pronounced. I also acquired at-home exercises to do before and after runs to help my injury. The people at PT 360 helped me to understand what was happening with my muscles and explained what made them this way. This was such a relief because the other places I have been never did that. My state meet came and I had no pain and performed very well. The people at PT 360 are so friendly and knowledgeable about what they do. I recommend everyone to come here."

"Having been an athlete, and more specifically a runner for the majority of my life, I accept that there will be times when my body breaks down. Injuries and setbacks are a result of pushing yourself to your body's limits. About 5 years ago, I limped into PT 360 with a variety of issues, the most common being calf and Achilles pain. It took some time and  patience, but with consisent treatment from Dave, I have been able to run pain free and perform at my highest levels. Thanks Dave, for working on me and teaching me how I can treat myself when I am home and just about anywhere."