PT360 Physical Therapy


"I came to PT 360 after having suffered from back pain for years. I was amazed when they directed the focus of my physical therapy to my calf as the source of my pain and limitations. For the first time in years, after using many treatment methods, I feel relief. The strategies used are intuitive yet challenging. Thank you PT 360 for helping and educating me for my continued success."

"When I first came to PT 360, I had pain from my right hip down my leg. I also had pain in my left shoulder and up into my neck. After four treatments my pain was gone! I did continue to have a few more treatments just to get a little stronger. I would recommend PT 360 for anyone! They are great!"

"At age 53 I have a history of back pain for 20 years which turned chronic 7 years ago with a fall (hospital visits, time off work etc.). Other physical therapy had  helped but I found PT 360 especially:

Efficient:  all session time was with a therapist- treatment, instruction and teaching me what to do.

Effective:  insightful diagnosis, targeted therapy, comprehensive approach

Patient centered: training me to care for my body, treatment based on what was working, intelligent analysis of feedback.

I feel better than I have in 8 years- and think I have techniques to stay this way. I'm able to swim, hike, cross country ski and bike!"

"While I was initially reluctant to comply with the exercise program, I have come to appreciate the benefits of doing so. I enjoy having the knowledge to keep myself pain free, and the ability to prevent future injuries."

" I have been a UPS driver for over 26 years.  Over the years I had to go to a chiropractor at least once or twice a month just to maintain my adjustments.  They would help, but would not last.  I found myself very frustrated, because I couldn't get past this problem.  I spoke with a friend  who had been in a very bad auto accident and he recommended PT 360.  My friend gave me Dave's card and said to check it out.  Two days later, my wife and I went for our consultation.  Upon leaving, I knew this was my answer.  Dave and his staff have been extremely helpful in finding problem areas and have given me specific exercises and stretches to help me move forward.  After 7 weeks, I've been discharged and now maintain my progress at home. I am feeling better and stronger than before and will continue to keep working at it. I reccomend PT 360 to everyone I can.  Thank You PT 360 staff for all you have done!"

"Three years ago, I found myself unable to stand up straight, walk without difficulty for more than fifty yards, or even hang a small picture on the wall. Preliminary diagnosis suspected ALS. Following professional exams locally and at The University of Michigan, it was determined that my lower back and core muscles had atrophied. However, no cause could be determined; therefore, no diagnosis.

Fortunately I discovered PT 360, and after two years of physical therapy and supervised home exercises, my muscles have been reactivated. This past August I reached my 80th birthday, and rather than being confined to a wheelchair at an assisted living facility, I pursue a near normal lifestyle.

I continue monthly visits to PT 360 and a regimen of at-home exercises. I look forward to more improvement in the years ahead!"

"After living with excruciating hip pain during and after my pregnancy, I happened upon a workshop given by PT 360. Though the workshop was an hour long, I knew I had to make a follow-up appointment and see what could be done with my hip.  After my first visit, I couldn't believe how much relief I felt, and how quick the results were! After just a few weeks, my hip pain was drastically improved and I was able to run and workout, which I hadn't done in a long time. The staff at PT 360 is knowledgeable, compassionate, and very efficient in targeting your problem areas and teaching you how to treat them yourself. I highly recommend PT 360!"

“From the moment the phone is answered to schedule your first session, PT 360 delivers comprehensive, compassionate, personalized care. In today’s world of multi-tasking, it was a pleasure to receive personalized, one-on-one therapy services where I was the sole focus. I was fortunate enough to spend the better part of 9 weeks within my personally designed therapy program following back-to-back hip surgeries 6 weeks apart, and I never felt second-best or overlooked. The therapists took time to educate me and ensure my therapy progress was up to par and progressing as it should. I know that if I hadn’t participated in their personalized program, my hip surgeries would not have been such a success. Looking back on the events that led up to my treatment, I realized I was deconditioned, I just hadn’t realized the extent of abuse my muscles had been through prior to my surgeries. PT 360 gave me the tools and an individualized home exercise program to prevent such disasters from occurring again. Being a coordinator of rehabilitation services, I have added PT 360 to my referral base for my clients, as I know the outcome will be most productive."

“I did not realize that over a period of 15 years, an arthritic knee caused the severe pain in my hip. My hip pain was the reason I could no longer maintain my daily exercise program. I missed being physically active. I needed to get back to spinning, swimming, aerobics, and weight lifting classes at the gym with my friends.
The techniques used by PT 360 brought gradual and eventual relief. The therapists explained MRT and the exercises they used in a way that I could understand and appreciate. They devised a personal plan based on my needs and applied it with great compassion and understanding of how my physical pain affected the quality of my life and my intention of getting back to my normal activity level. Later, I developed a pain in my Achilles. I returned to PT360 for treatment, and realized a quick healing just before my total knee replacement. I was very happy when my doctor released me from the rehab center and determined I was not home bound; I could go to any PT facility of my choice. I am back at PT 360 with every confidence that I will be healed in no time. PT 360 is the only place I will ever go for PT.”

"I have been in PT on and off for several years for different issues. The staff at PT 360 have been with me every step of the way. Their holistic approach to identifying the root cause of injuries has empowered me to better understand my body and improve healing on my own. The therapists provide extensive knowledge, education and expert care. I can't thank them enough for being an integral part of my healing process. They truly are the best!"