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PT 360 Treats Pregnancy and Postpartum Pain

Low back and hip pain during pregnancy are usually due to two things: muscle imbalances and joint instability.  During pregnancy, muscle imbalances develop as pregnancy weight is gained.  During later stages of pregnancy, the joints of the lower back and pelvis become unstable due to rising levels of the hormone relaxin.  The combined effects of joint instability and muscle imbalances cause muscles of the hip and low back to tighten and become painful.  These tight and painful muscles often produce shooting pains into the hip and thigh.  Frequently, the pain persists even after childbirth.

Occasionally, low back and hip pain in pregnancy are caused by a bulging disk or nerve compression.

PT 360 Physical Therapy's unique approach to manual therapy is safe for all stages of pregnancy.  It is very effective in maintaining your ability to move freely and comfortably.  After childbirth, our therapy restores the level of function you enjoyed before pregnancy.

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