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PT 360 Treats Joint Injuries and Arthritis Pain

Is joint pain keeping you from activities you love?  PT 360 Physical Therapy Joint Clinics offer a holistic, revolutionary approach to treating and preventing joint pain of all kinds.  Pain from athletic injuries, joint surgeries, and arthritis can be resolved with proper treatment.

Some types of joint pain are caused by a direct injury to joint structures like muscle, cartilage, or bone.  But more often, joint pain develops gradually, with a slow onset.  Joint pain with a slow onset is related to two things: (1) muscle imbalances that develop over time, which result in (2) restricted joint movements.

Restore your body's natural balance through our unique manual therapy approach offered only at PT 360 Physical Therapy.  Get the tools you need to correct painful muscle imbalances and joint restrictions that hold you back. Restore your ability to move freely and without pain at PT 360 Physical Therapy.

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Our unique manual therapy approach is the most effective treatment of pain in the Hand and Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Neck and Back, Hip, Ankle/Foot, and Knee.

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